ixizXatch [Lite] (4 grams) - Prevents chain drop

ixizXatch [Standard] (6 grams)

The ixizXatch prevents chain drop during gear shifts from the large to the small chainring. The design is unique and solves all the issues with the new generation of bicycle frames that have oversize bottom brackets and non standard seat tubes. The ixizXatch mounts easily on the same location as the front derailleur. The solution is manufactured from a durable molded plastic and it weights a mere 2.5 grams.

Historically cyclists prefer to remain in the large ring and pedal inefficiently due to the concern of dropping their chains.  One remedy is to switch gears gently and hope that the chain drops into the smaller ring. But, that can cause "chainsuck" due to the chain getting caught in between the chainring and the frame.  The solution to this problem is ixizXatch, a new product that has been tested on various torturous race courses such as Paris Roubaix, Tour of Belgium, and numerous hill climbs and off road adventures.

The ixizXatch standard was introduced due to larger variations in chainring sizes (and compact) and increased stiffness.





ixizXatch Lite ($25)

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ixizXatch Standard ($23)

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